Final number of tracks achieved

Could be famous last words, but after tonight I feel that I have achieved the final number of tracks.  This at last gives me a solid base on which to work.  Also, track one is nearly in the bag!! It was quite a productive evening, and so am happy.  However I don’t want to rush, and so have decided to move the release date to early 2016.  I still aim to have it available by early March however, and who knows, if I have more evenings like this it could be quicker 🙂 .

Thanks for reading, if you wish to sample my work, my last effort “EbbNFlo” is available on Spotify, link below.  I don’t claim to be mainstream, just produce music I like, and I hope others do too.

Till next time, 🙂


Schemes and orders

Things progressing slowly, but surely after my break. 3 tracks have defined areas, and this may increase to 6 by the end of the month.  My idea for this album is a more sweeping soundscape than previous, and so will be more on the ambient end of my spectrum.  Getting the balance right here is not as easy as you may think, but I am aiming for an immersive experience, plenty of natural sound as well as synthesised.

Downtime Until September

Although I may work on a few base layers – the main work on the new project will not recommence until the first week of September.  I will keep this updated as I progress, but my goal of December/January/February still seems more than realistic 🙂

Menu Updated

Menu items are now active using the three bar ‘Hamburger’ icon in the top left of the screen.  Please note however that on the I-Tunes page, only ‘EbbnFlo’ and ‘Sequences’ are my albums, the others are albums by other artists who go by the same name.  Obviously they have a different style to mine, I am Electronic ambient dance related.  Thanks 🙂

Making a new album

Hi, I cannot remember the last time I did this bloggy thing, but here goes.  Under the pseudonym of JayJay, the new album, codename ACORS, has entered a building stage, with several layers being achieved.  These of course now have to have melody’s etc added, but I have a good Idea what I will be doing. The last track however I can reveal will be my longest yet, at over 18 mins I am aiming for a dreamy scape, similar in many ways to Jarres WFC, but a little more melodic.  The initial use of piano on this track is very encouraging and hopefully will bind the other incidentals into place.  The album as a whole is quite minimalistic, I wanted an album which in the main was purely atmospheric, and this will be conveyed through its title when I eventually release that!


Ok, will update as and when I do new work.  I aim to have this ready by at least end of February, but would like it to be the end of year.